Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #4 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

The moment every viewer of this film snapped along with McMurphy

About when they went on their impromptu fishing trip, I thought to myself “this is just a well done Dream Team”. But that ending proved me soooo wrong….in retrospect, I saw it coming a mile away with someone like Nurse Ratched. She was a very well acted villain that I ended up wishing would get her comeuppance, but sort of knew the only way they’d rid themselves of her was to literally murder her.

Also, that was the first time I almost shed a tear for a character Jack Nicholson played. Well deserved Oscar.

Side notes: has Christopher Lloyd played anything but literally insane people? And I didn’t expect Danny DeVito to play a bottled up basketcase…I’m used to him playing unhinged basketcases. Underrated performance of the century.


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