Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #2 - Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Running away from your past never looked so glamorous

(Revised 1/23/2020) – Another classic I should have watched ages ago. And of course that shitty Deep Blue Something song is in my head. 

There was something charming about this movie even though the source material was supposed to be a cautionary tale. Hepburn is amazing in this, the cast is wonderful all around aside from Mickey Rooney’s very racist portrayal of a Japanese man. It’s very obvious that George…I mean ‘Fred’…was a stand in for Capote. I sort of wish this movie was made nowadays, where Holly, the small fish in a big pond learns how to stand on her own two feet, while her obviously gay best friend learns how to accept himself for who he is. Also…try not to get Moon River stuck in your head after watching this.


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