Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #12 - Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

“Good, now scream with more emotion…”

When Del Toro thought up “The Shape Of Water”, it was probably after a drug filled binge that consisted of all of his previous works, some cold war documentaries, and was capped off by this weird, shitty-but-effective special effects, masterpiece. He blended them into his brain and “voila!”

This film had everything a 50s movie should have – the male lead who is oddly sensitive, the money grubbing antagonist, and the ever important female lead, who exists only to look pretty, scream on cue, and be told how to feel by the men around her…and if the story calls for it like this one, get abducted a few times. But damn if it didn’t scare the shit out of me. Even if most of the set and costumes looked like Party City stuff. Back then, it was probably groundbreaking, and if it was made today, a few updates to the female lead, costume and set, and you have a “less is more” hit on your hands I think.
Or you can do what Del Toro did, and win an Oscar.


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