Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #13 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

“Don’t worry, Nancy.  Soon I’ll be dead, and free to star in every Tim Burton film until the end of time…”

Since I’m not as prone to fits of anxiety as I used to be, I felt like I’d give the horror genre a good old college try since it’s the right time of year, and what better than the first horror/slasher movie I ever heard of?

So a bunch of parents banded together to kill a child molester and he ends up killing the remaining kids in their sleep. Do any of the future films discuss the back story at all? Because I’d love to see how they all played out.

In this story, you got Johnny Depp, random girl, and random guy, who all die, and the badass Nancy who appears to have dismissive, neglecting parents, so she ends up having to “Home Alone” Freddy. That is, until he sort of vanishes or becomes one with her mother’s mattress or never really dies or something.
I liked the reaffirming “this is all a dream” speech Nancy gives herself at the end to sort of cap off the bloodshed, until the next day when it seems like everyone is still under Freddy’s control. This movie works very well as a one off with an ambiguous ending…just take away the ultra fake stand in for Nancy’s mom getting sucked into the doorway, and you have an awesome “oh shit what happened next???” ending.
I dug it. And I didn’t get scared out of my mind like my anxiety used to tell me I would! And I had a belief reaffirmed by this film: Leave it to the Boomer generation to make things worse for future generations.


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