Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #14 - Halloween (1978)

“I shouldn’t have dropped the knife!!!”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. In my short time watching horror films, this is my favorite so far. Less camp, more scary shit without being gratuitously gory.

You got Jaime Lee Curtis (I thought she played Michael’s sister?), PJ Soles (Whatever happened to her?), and a few randos trying to live the teenage dream…babysit and get laid while the brats are occupied. But Michael Myers escapes the looney bin and decides to slice and dice them all like he did to his sister 15 years earlier…while babysitting him.

This film works on so many levels…the only issue I had with it was Laurie, who’s been built up as a smart, no nonsense character, decides to drop the knife every time she thinks she killed Michael. Dumbass. And the music is great, but my neighbors play it on a loop every Halloween. So I already associated my neighbor wearing a wolfman costume scaring kids with the music.


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