Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #15 - Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

“Some day, I’ll outshine all of these other actors…also, some rando named Bill Murray will play this role in the future”

While not technically a “classic” unless you’re a Jack Nicholson completist, I found it strange that I’ve never seen it given my love for the Frank Oz movie musical version.

What a weird film. It was good in that B Movie way, but I definitely feel the musical plot line was better thought out. In this version – the dentist wasn’t Audrey’s abusive boyfriend, Mushnik somehow survives, and Seymour sacrifices himself to the plant only after the cops were on his tail. It definitely made Seymour into more of a monster and not a conflicted Faustian analog … Even tho Seymour’s antics were played for laughs, he still was pretty OK feeding anyone to the plant as long as it was an accidental death.

If I had to rank it, it’d be somewhere above the bullshit ending they forced on Oz in the original run of the movie, but well below the musical and Oz’s original, truer to the musical ending.


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