Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #22 - Sabrina (1954)

“I’m sorry, doll.  I’m usually knee deep in mystery and suspense by now…”

Hepburn and Bogart. What can go wrong?
It got dark as hell early on, Sabrina trying to off herself because rich guy #1 didn’t like her and she didn’t want to be shipped off to Paris for glorified Home Economics classes. Rich guy #1’s brother, Rich guy #2 (Bogart) saves her from her attempt.
When she gets back from Paris all growed up, both rich guy #1 and #2 are like “dayum!!”. I guess she became attractive back then because she could now cook? Then, it becomes a prototypical rom-com.
All joking aside about societal norms of the 50s and whenever the play was written, it was a well acted and beautifully shot film. Hepburn was awesome as always, William Holden (rich guy #1) was great as a rich asshole Playboy, but Bogart seemed bored. It was almost like he was waiting for someone to beat down or stalk with a drawn pistol like in the rest of his films.
It was good overall. I just wish Bogart’s attempt at not typecasting himself went off a little better.


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