Another Classic I Haven't Seen Yet #23 - Curse of the Demon (1957)

“Passing this paper was almost as bad as a gallstone…”

Now I know how Dana Andrews got runes from eating prunes, and why passing them use lots of skill. Only 3 more movies to complete the Science Fiction/Double Feature movie challenge!

So, this is considered an old Occult B-Movie, cult following style film…and I think that is only because the demon looked cheesy as hell. If the director had their way, we would never caught a glimpse of the demon, and I think that change would have propelled this into the “suspense/thriller classic” realm.
Dana Andrews plays a psychologist that considers scientific method as “throw out all ideas I don’t agree with”. This bites him in the ass when he’s handed a paper with ancient runes written on them, noting that he will die in a few days.

Long story short, he finally, reluctantly, admits that something spooky is going on when a guy he hypnotizes takes a header out of window. He finds a way to pass the runic paper off to his tormentor, who ends up getting burned and squished by the demon by way of hilarious looking ’50s special effects.
With all of the people who put a lot of time and effort to make alternate versions of Star Wars movies by cutting Jar Jar out or remove the S.E. changes, you’d think there was someone who could re-cut this movie as the director originally intended. THAT film would be instantly one of my favorite movies of all time. I may have a project coming up…


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