New Music Friday! All Souls - You Just Can't Win

Some of the best album art I’ve ever seen…

All Souls is one of those bands that sort of dropped in my lap and never left.  The first I heard about them was when they were touring with the Melvins in 2018.  I decided to give their debut album a few listens since I was going to their Pittsburgh show, and actually fell in love with their style.  Sort of like desert rock with a TON of heart and soul.  Not being from California or particularly into the desert rock scene until these guys, I didn’t realize that All Souls is considered a ‘supergroup’.  Well, if they represent the best of what the genre has to offer, count me as a fan.

The lead single for their sophomore album, You Just Can’t Win, is an angry and upset take on current state of affairs, specifically the mistreatment on the downtrodden and minorities.  The opening guitar beckons you into this story, and then Antonio Aguilar breaks your heart with his emotional lyrics.  If this is a prelude of what’s to come on their new album and their future as a whole, I’m definitely on board for the long haul. 

Now if only they’d come back to Pittsburgh…

All Souls Website


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